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We have more than 10 years of experience in the brewery sector. Our tours of local craft breweries in Montreal are legendary and amazingly fun!

“You drink, we drive” isn’t only our slogan; it’s our business! At City Brew tours, while we drive you around to visit various breweries, you can sit back and enjoy the best beer bars in Montreal. Each brewery has its own history and unique craft beer. Let’s dive into the best Montreal breweries you can enjoy!



Located in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, the bar offers an extremely varied selection of beers, accompanied by a great menu that’s designed to help those artisanal beers go down smoothly. The bar can seat as many as 45 people, and they are ready to host events, for a minimum of 10 people, anytime you’d like.

If you are a fan of Montreal breweries, let’s go to Broue Pub Brouhaha and enjoy yourself.



This local microbrewery, which is also a bar in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood in Montreal, is managed as a coop, where its members will offer great artisanal beer, along with a great menu. The atmosphere is friendly, and its main goal is to bring people together, share a beer, enjoy each other’s company while keeping the neighbourhood alive, fun and prosperous.

If you are looking for new Montreal breweries, contact us, and we will take you there!



The area of La Petite Patrie of Montreal has become a hub of microbreweries, where one can enjoy local craft beer. Mellön offers a rotating service of seven to eight beers. The selection consists of pale ales, a sour and a Kölsch, in an 80-seat setting, filled with great fun vibe and music. As for the menu, they offer a Charcuterie platter enough to accommodate 2-3 people.

Mellön is one of the top Montreal breweries. Contact us today and City Brew Tours will do the rest.



This local beer bar in Montreal, a few blocks away from De Castelnau metro, has a wide variety of craft beers, offering sodas and kombucha in their menu. They were the first beer bar to use a Flux Capacitor draft system, allowing them to be efficient and conserve the quality of their tap beers. Finally, the menu has a wide variety of delicious food, from burgers to salad, and the kitchen is open until 11pm every day.

Harricana is one of the best craft beer breweries. For fans of Montreal breweries, it is a wise choice.


Source: Facebook page of Isle de Garde

Isle de Garde’s specialty is offering craft beers brewed on site, a variety of wines and whiskeys. The servers are extremely knowledgeable, and they will listen to your needs to offer you the right craft beer that goes with your specific taste. Moreover, the menu is tremendously varied, with burgers (only on Thursdays), ravioli plates and even vegan choices.



Mabrasserie is a co-op and produces its own microbrew beer. Their tasting room is large and open, filled with a relaxed, family-like friendly atmosphere where there is a set-up of 32 varieties of beer. Furthermore, they also offer kombucha drinks, on a large terrasse while hosting brewing events and shows. Clients can buy bottles to go as well.

It is one of the best Montreal breweries, and they cannot wait to host you.


The 19 delicious beers on tap offered are made on site and its founders, Nicolas Paquet, Philippe St-Cyr and Oliver Rhême are proud of their ingenuity and to be located in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal. If you are hungry, do not worry! The menu has a great selection of vegetarian food, meat such as duck breast and various tartars such as salmon and beef.



The brewing process doesn’t happen locally, but in L’Anse-à-Beaufils, a small fishing village in the Gaspé Peninsula. The result is a wide selection of beers reflecting its region: refreshing and as authentic as it gets. The flavours are strong, and you can find their products in different points of sale in Montreal.


The establishment is run by experienced brewers who have extensive experience in the craft beer brewery. You will find a few IPAs and more original brews such as rhubarb and haskap sour beer. Finally, there is a menu that is ready to help you fill your stomach in between beers while you enjoy yourself!


Messorem- Bracitorium is the number one microbrewery in Québec, which implies it is highly sought out! This local microbrewery has an amazing tasting room, and they specialize in IPA and sour beers. Furthermore, they offer a varied menu to go along with the tasty beer made on site. You could find the beer on tap, and you can also get your beers to go, or you could have their beer selection delivered to you.

If you are a fan of Montreal breweries, let us take you there and enjoy the artisanal beer.


One of the oldest Montreal brewers, Le Cheval Blanc has an impressive brewing installation which is available to the clients, should they want to visit. The choice of beers is made of especially IPAs and Belgian white mostly, with another wide variety of locally crafted brews.


If you love metal rock and craft beer breweries, then Microbrasserie Mutoïde is the right place for you. They have amazing German-style beers and a couple of IPAs. The food menu only contains snacks, and they will not mind if you choose to order in. Come and see them, so you can have a great time drinking while listening to our selection of metal rock!


A vibrant and integral part of the Hochelaga neighbourhood, the brewery offers an unpretentious, warm gathering space where clients can enjoy the unique brewed beers, made on site. They offer more than 20 different brews, including blueberry guava and more than 10 non-sour IPAs. You can have the beers to go, and a small menu is available.


Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs brews traditional mainly european beers in unique oak barrels. The process is done on site and the restaurant offers a wide variety of courses, such as pizza, pasta, tacos and various desserts. Located near L’Assomption metro, its unique atmosphere will make you feel at home, and you will enjoy yourself, for sure!


At Brasserie 4 Origines, the traditional brewery helps commemorate Montreal’s unique brewing history with innovative techniques while collaborating with local businesses. They aim to educate their clients by showing them the brewing process that gives the clients a local craft beer they can thoroughly enjoy! Bring your own food or order in and enjoy the large terrasse.

Look no further for Montreal breweries, Brasserie 4 Origines is here for you, and is also a great place for bachelor parties!


If you love and appreciate good beer, and you would like to have a great experience while learning about the different microbreweries in Montreal, contact us today. We would like to hear from you, and your goals and desires, so we could organise a tour specifically tailored to your needs. We are here to make sure you have a good time while helping you look for the best beer in Montreal.

Your satisfaction is our main goal and given our extensive experience in local craft beers and microbreweries, you will have an incredible experience, one for the ages! Contact us today, and our affable and seasoned professionals will take care of designing a brew tour of various Montreal breweries!


At City Brew Tours, we offer many services to our fellow beer aficionados. Our exquisite and unique traditionally crafted beer is highly regarded and appreciated by our many visitors. Through our 10+ years of experience in the craft beer breweries, we have come to understand people need more than an amazing, tasty and well crafted beer.

With every tour you take with us, there will be a special meal waiting for you. We do not want you to taste beer with an empty stomach! If you are a beer fan, and you’re looking to enjoy Montreal breweries, contact City Brew Tours. We will make a trip especially for you and provide with you great local food you will enjoy while you enjoy local craft beer!

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